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July 13, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Ayta – The Small God of Sidelong Glances

#28 • Drawn at the Minneapolis Airport

944759_10151780500347495_843554420_n I was tempted to call her “February” since I’ve been working on this project for exactly 4 weeks. But that wouldn’t allow for leap years, and I thought she deserved a more relevant name.

So far the Small Gods are doing everything I want them to (speed painting/life drawing/mixed media/different styles/communication with those readers of my blog and those precious few that FB allows to see them), and much besides.

Last night Venetia created a database so that I don’t repeat myself in names, spheres of influence etc. It’s weird to see unsuspected coincidences and biases (Ayta is my third black woman who is seen in profile. Wha?).

It’s been especially wonderful to read the comments from people and see that many of them are keeping their eyes open for both weird layered humor and simple delight.

I donated 5 of the handmade versions to the NADW Charity Auction and was startled by the positive reaction to the Small God of Psychic Cowboys. They can’t all be winners, but if he can find an audience I hope to stretch the bounds of credulity still further in future.

After a few days at home, it’s back on the road to the SanDiego ComicCon and more handmade Small Gods….

Thanks for your kind thoughts and sharing the love!

And now, the second week of Small Gods:

SG8 935828_10151780592332495_1999678348_n 1017328_10151780592412495_48822651_n 156129_10151780592432495_1670933277_n 998499_10151780592427495_1557712837_n SG13 SmallGod14


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