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2013: Art Year in Review

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2013 was delightful in its variety. And while I cannot show (or in some cases even mention) some of that work (due to confidentiality agreements and other arcane processes), it all made for a challenging and rewarding year. Below is a short tour of the year’s many images:

Check These Out: 2014

2014Cover As I’ve done each of the last 3 years, I painted a pin-up calendar in collaboration with a non-profit. This year it was The Clarion Foundation for their Writer’s Workshop – a fitting group for Literary Pin-Ups. It was an honor and a pleasure to work with so many talented authors and I am quite pleased with the result of our collaboration. Pat Murphy wrote a splendid piece about working with me on her painting.

2014CalendarCompilationFULL Covers:

Good Intentions & Natural Consequences by Elliott Kay

IntentionsFinal Eviscerated: Feminism’s First Daughter by AJ DeFaria

eviscerationfinal The Best of Joe Haldeman by Joe Haldeman for Subterranean Press

BestOfJoeHaldeman CD Covers for the eponymous Copper & Coal and for Horsetamer by Julia Ecklar

2013CDcovers Starstruck by Elaine Lee, Michael Kaluta (and me).
2013′s successful Kickstarter campaign was the easy part – I’ve still many a page to paint!

Starstruck copy Conventions:

Lower left: Norwescon program cover, Lower right: Keycon program cover

fgddfgs This is the “quilt” of pre-existing images I made for Norwescon, the first of the conventions it was my honor to serve as Guest of Honor this year.

CenterfoldFLAT Ambercon Northwest T-shirt Design

Amber20130final Games:

13th Age and 13 True Ways


13thAgeIcons 13th Age (which I Art Directed and painted with Aaron McConnell) did come out in 2013.
And while its follow-on book 13 True Ways isn’t out yet, below is the cover in progress (with several obvious instances of Aaron McConnell’s excellent pencil work still on display):

13TrueWays The Doom that Came to Atlantic City, a game I’ve been playing and talking about for decades, is finally set to appear (with rules by Keith Baker and pieces by Paul Komoda) in Q1 of 2014 from Cryptozoic. And in addition to adjusting the assets to create a print-and-play version, I reworked the assets for the final printing. Here are some of the card backs:

Doom I worked with Patricia Smith on 15 pieces for Rich Baker’s game Primeval Thule.
I look forward to seeing the final book!

Pat Posters:

Andy Prieboy in Los Angeles

zAndyFlatterer MacBeth in Philadelphia

MacBethFinal Lakewood Center for the Performing Arts

Lakewood2013 Northwest Children’s Theatre



With the marvelous Aly Fell:

AlyFellCollaboration Painting over the pencils of Mark Dos Santos in the style of JC Leyendecker:

SIF Miscellaneous:

My annual live-painting carney-sideshow at the HP Lovecraft Film Festival
This year the audience suggested The King in Yellow at a Sushi Bar.

KingInYellowSushi copy Kitty and Drew knew winter was coming. Judging by her photos of Boston, she was right!

Vikings28 Glorianna was painted for the Starstruck Kickstarter.

GloriannaWide2 Before guesting at the North American Discworld Convention in July, I had begun a series of Small Gods, inspired in part by Terry Pratchett. But that was months ago, and at the rate of one per day, I have now completed more than 200. I post them daily on:

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 5.43.28 PM They can be purchased on my new web site at www.leemoyer.com/smallgods

BlogSmallGods I have on occasion taken the opportunity Small Gods resents to work a little beyond my 1-hour time-limit to create paintings, like the Small God of Holiday Turduckling below.

JohnMaddenEatsDucklings I had some real breakthrough pieces in 2013 and I am looking forward to seeing where my work goes in 2014. Already on the agenda: 2 covers, an alphabet book, an overview of Hobbiton, a whole lot of Starstruck, and the desire to find a literary and merchandizing agent for the high-concept books I want to see published in 2015!


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