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Cover design is the place where all the pieces of the publishing puzzle come together.
Much has changed since those dark and difficult days of paste-ups and prayer, and today all elements of design are in play - from fonts, placement and color, to letterforms and perspective. The challenge of branding authors like Brandon Sanderson, games like 13th Age, or series from Subterranean Press and Amazon is part of what makes the work so rewarding.
DavyPoor Man's FightRich Man's WarDead Man's DebtDays of High AdventureGood IntentionsNatural ConsequencesTwo Worlds and In BetweenBeneath an Oil-Dark Sea13th Age13 True WaysThe Warlock's CurseMysteries of the Diogenes ClubThe Secret Files of the Diogenes ClubArisia 2015The Book of Endless PagesDismembranceLurker in the LobbyThe AlgebraistAt Your Service