Beginning as a freelance Art Director on Philips CD-i Treasures of the Smithsonian and artist on Legend Entertainment's interactive adventure Spellcasting 301: Spring Break, I later went in-house at Magnet Interactive, where it was my pleasure to work with Keith Baker and Andy Looney on Bluestar and Icebreaker.

I later co-founded Digital Addiction and served as the A.D., Producer, and Executive Producer for Sanctum: Bloodlines, Oppositions, Revolutions and Whispers.

After taking half my team to Electronic Arts for Dreamdeck Baseball, Paul Dennen and I spent several years making Star Chamber: The Harbinger Saga, Origins, Incursions, Rebellions, The Atok Incident, Descent and Maelstrom for Sony Online Entertainment.

Since then I have consulted widely, and designed many pieces for Hasbro's Eberron and Dungeons & Dragons properties.
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