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A woman with colorful blue hair stands with her back to the viewer, looking into a mirror. She wears a leather jacket and short skirt, fishnets and boots. Her left hand is on her hip and her right hanA female form rises from a crashing ocean wave. She is all blue with long elf-like ears and the ocean wave is her hair. Orange flying fish jump out of the waters around her.A blindfolded angels with black wings, wearing a corset and heavy bracelets holds a triangle in both hands before her, a single eye staring out from the center of the triangle.An angel and a demon stand side by side. The angel has one hand on the back of the devil's neck and the other hand over her mouth and is smiling out at the viewer. She wears pearls, a long white gown,A dashing man wearing goggles clings to the rope ladder of a steampunk air ship with one arm and holds a woman firing a gun with the other. The woman is dressed in a white corset and torn skirt. She iA woman wearing a purple sweater stares at herself through a smashed mirror. Behind her in the reflection is a chalkboard govered in mathematical equations and calculations.A man and woman on a balcony in a highrise in a city are toasting with fancy champagne glasses as a giant floating balloon of a bottom of Domanie Ste. Michelle passes by them. It is a nightime scene aAmonitaTwo Hawks from EarthImaginary NumbersThe Best of Michael SwanwickPort RoyaleFuriosaFae BargainWind In The DoorLady AmaltheaThe Ruby City of NYBeneath an Oil-Dark Sea