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I painted the first Literary Pin-up as a poster for "Moby Dick, the Musical” and was surprised by its popularity.

I followed it in 2012, with an entire calendar of classic authors for charity (Worldbuilders and Heifer International). 2013’s calendar included work with living authors (George R. R. Martin, Charlaine Harris, Ray Bradbury, et al.). 2014’s calendar benefited the Clarion Writer's Workshop and featured collaborations N.K. Jemisin, Neil Gaiman, Kim Stanley Robinson and many others.
Miss MelvilleMiss CarrollMiss PratchettMiss TwainMiss HawthorneInto the FutureMiss BriggsAnything GoesMiss SteinbeckMiss ShikibuMiss DefoeSteampunkMiss DickensHawaiiRites of DesireMiss Dumas2012 Literary Pin-Up Calendar Cover2013 Literary Pin-up CalendarMs MohanrajHoney West