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When I began to study pin-ups in earnest, it was no different than studying all the other great illustrators that line my library shelves. The best were astonishing craftsmen and there was much to learn. But pin-ups needn’t exist in a vacuum, especially where there are specific characters to portray, and other worlds to depict, however fleetingly.

My first literary pin-up was created as a theater poster for "Moby Dick, the Musical." Despite the horror of the title and the campy nature of the play, I not only received many admiring words but also realized how much I enjoyed the process of creating pin-ups.

In 2012, I published my first Literary Pin-up Calendar of classic authors for the benefit of Worldbuilders and Heifer International. The second calendar in 2013 was a collaboration with modern fantasy authors as I created pin-ups of their works and characters. It was my great honor to work with authors like George R. R. Martin, Peter Beagle, Charlaine Harris and my favorite author Ray Bradbury. To round out the trio of calendars, I created a third calendar for 2014, this time for the Clarion Writer's Workshop with their author instructors such as Neil Gaiman and Kim Stanley Robinson.

Since then I have created pin-ups for logos and personal commissions but am looking forward to my next pin-up calendar.

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